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Tool to improve the DQMH Developer Experience

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Panther Dashboard for DQMH: Supercharge Your LabVIEW Development with Enhanced Scripting and DQMH Project Analysis

Panther Dashboard for DQMH takes LabVIEW development to the next level by introducing a powerful suite of features for streamlined exploration, editing, code creation and documentation.

Effortless Scripting for DQMH Tasks

Module Management:

Request and Wait for Reply Timeout Control:

Project-Wide DQMH Analysis at Your Fingertips

Panther Dashboard goes beyond basic project navigation. The new ‘Show Project DQMH Info’ feature, accessible through a right-click on the project, generates a valuable analysis report:

Important Note:

While ‘Show Project DQMH Info’ provides a solid foundation for understanding your project’s current state, PantherLAB recommends using Antidoc for exceptionally detailed and visually appealing documentation. Antidoc by Wovalab is an open-source powerful tool designed to generate comprehensive reports, and Panther Dashboard’s scripting features can seamlessly integrate with it for a well-rounded documentation approach.# Additional Resources

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